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  • Development of energy saving technologies poultry production in home gardens, farm and specialty farms.

Elena Ryabinina Ryabinina Elena Viktorovna,
Candidate of Sciences in Sociology

Research areas:

  • Development of energy saving technologies poultry production in home gardens, farm and specialized farms.
  • Justification and development of initial requirements for equipment for mechanical processes in the poultry industry.
  • Development of technical standards for poultry industry; (Standards for technological design standards typical poultry production technology, guidelines, manuals etc.).
  • Scientific and technical assistance to enterprises of all types of poultry on actual problems of poultry.
  • Organization of computer network support and maintenance of the site


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  • Development of energy saving technologies poultry production in the current shortage and high cost of energy and other resources we have developed technological methods make it possible to significantly reduce energy costs and increase the productivity and safety of both in rearing and while keeping adult birds.
  • Using a process developed in experimental studies nomograms illumination depending on the type and rated wattage light sources, lighting calculation methods based on the introduction of a new concept serednointehralnoyi lighting and a computerized mathematical model of light poultry houses simplifies the choice of lighting as poultry houses at the design stage, so and the replacement of one of the other lighting in existing spaces, to determine the most effective placement of lamps, powerful ist, type and mode of the light sources in terms of regulatory or close to their levels of illumination
  • Computerized lighting model poultry house
  • Laboratory and industrial tests developed based on our initial requirements of microprocessor controllers AC voltage "Economy Plus" showed that they allow a wide range for the relevant programs and readings based temperature sensor infinitely variable light and ventilation in the poultry premises.
  • Economy Plus | lighting control poultry houses
  • It was established that the use of light for poultry houses for growing replacement chicks of laying hens compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) with thermodynamic color temperature of 2700 allows significantly increase the safety of poultry - by 5.5%, its live weight - 3.7% (in P> 0.99), young conditioned output by 6.3%, lower unit costs of feed for poultry live weight gain of 3.5%, electricity consumption for lighting poultry house 5.6 times. The economic effect of the introduction of design is 1373.7 UAH / 1000 Ch. compared with the use of light sources as incandescent lamps.
  • Applications developed resource-light regime with differentiated for periods of day light level facilities that are regulated by the proposed regulator illumination using incandescent enables lower power consumption for lighting by 1.3 times, significantly increase the live weight of poultry by 14.8% and its preservation by 4.7% (at P> 0.99), reduces the cost of feed per 1 kg increase in body weight of 6.2%, increase output young conditioned by 2.9%. According to production checks economic effect of treatment is about 1036 USD. / 1000 Ch.
  • astosuvannya while keeping laying hens instead of standard incandescent lamps CFLs would reduce electricity consumption for lighting in the poultry house 4 2-5,8 times, significantly more egg poultry productivity (per laying hen for the initial 245 days of productive use - 9, 6 pcs. egg at P> 0.99), survival poultry (6.3%) and the average weight of eggs (0.7 g) in P> 0.95, positive impact on the quality of hatching eggs. According to industrial inspection, the economic effect of the use of CFLs per 1,000 hens is 2912.1 UAH. Not set positive impact on productivity and saving egg laying hens application instead of incandescent bulbs compact fluorescent red light.
  • Tests multilevel LED lighting system and received positive reviews. Developed technical specifications for mass production submitted the application for a certificate of compliance and ISO 9001: 2001. Research continues to use multi-exposure LED lighting system in health and disease prevention birds and animals.
  • Multi LED lighting system
  • Developed machines for forced feeding waterfowl on big fat liver 3 different types of performance cell batteries for poultry during the forced feeding (Patent Application Ukraine "method of cultivation and poultry indoors and device for its implementation") production technology waterfowl enriched with biologically active substances (vitamin E, selenium).

  • The construction of cell batteries for keeping birds egg and meat breeds in artificial insemination. The employees of the laboratory carried out the introduction of technology of artificial insemination of poultry (chickens, geese and turkeys), which reduces the required number of males are 3-4 times, according to their feeding costs, improve conservation and reproduction qualities of birds by 2-5%. Produced specialist training business practices of artificial insemination of birds.
  • Cages for ducks
  • Developed saving technologies egg production chickens, broilers, turkeys, ducks and geese in gardens and farms. Issued recommendations.
  • The staff of the laboratory performed a significant amount of work under contracts with companies to introduce resource-saving technological methods of cultivation and poultry, optimization of individual process parameters Feasibility rational technological schemes commissioning and production of various types of poultry products, development of technical standards, preparing lists of information materials in certain areas.

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