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  • Incubation and embryology, biotechnology, cryopreservation and poultry genetic resources conservation.

The laboratory was established in 1959. During its development several times changed its name according to main activities: Laboratory of Biology of reproduction and artificial insemination, cryopreservation of genetic resources laboratory bird, cell engineering laboratory, the laboratory and the laboratory of reproductive biology of birds reproduction.


Шомина Наталия Владимировна

Shomina Natalya Volodymyrivna
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences

Research areas:


  • Biotechnological methods of creation, playback and preserve the gene pool of birds.
  • Cryopreservation of sperm Front poultry.
  • Incubation and Embryology. Temperature-humidity conditions incubation of eggs of poultry. Biological control methods in incubation.



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E-mail: lаb-rеprоd@ukr.nеt   

   Evaluation of hatching eggs of poultry qualities, improving egg incubation regimes and establish the causes of increased mortality of embryos during incubation. Assessment of quality of eggs by definition vitamins (A, E, B2, carotenoids), acid number, cholesterol, strength shell. Based on the analysis conducted peredinkubatsiynoho forecasting output of young animals and proposes measures to improve the quality of hatching eggs. As a result of the autopsy waste incubation and analysis of the causes of death of embryos given an opinion on the quality hatching eggs and causes an increased retreat eggs during the incubation. Proposed measures to improve the performance of hatching eggs and hatchery work improvement, adjusting temperature and humidity conditions incubating eggs.

The introduction of the enterprise technology of artificial insemination of poultry rating reproductive qualities of birds at natural mating and artificial insemination, establish the causes reduction in the level of fertility of eggs. The estimation of sperm quality, comprehensive assessment of males-sires. Proposed measures to adjust the conditions of the birds, techniques of artificial insemination, using sperm diluents for the purpose of increasing reproductive qualities of birds.
Training and consulting specialists of poultry farms on birds reproduction and eggs incubation. Training courses for specialists of poultry farms in the sphere of birds reproduction and eggs incubation. The questions of the combined effect of technological, veterinary and feeding factors on poultry reproducible performance.

  • Biotechnological methods of creation, playback and preserve the gene pool of poultry

Methods of obtaining injecting chimeric organisms through germ cells, which are backed by effective technology partial sterilization of embryonic gonads to 56% concentration slurry and appliances honotsytiv and methods of selection of embryos bloodstream circulating the primary donor germ cells and methods for their injection in embryo recipient.

  • Cryopreservation of sperm poultry

The complex of low technological methods of poultry semen preservation for use at work in breeding, genetics, reproduction, and for the preservation and restoration of species and populations.
Using sperm that was stored for 9 years in the low-temperature bank of genetic information recovered three rare breed chickens - avstralorp, Ukrainian vuhanka, holoshyyna.

  • Incubation and Embryology poultry

The developed temperature and humidity conditions of incubation for eggs of poultry depending on its age, egg weight and time of year, which makes it possible to increase the output of young an average of 1, 5 2.0%

Ongoing research:Development of new technology incubation.

  • Development of methods to increase derivability eggs.
  • Development of methods for microbial decontamination of equipment and eggs.
  • The study of pathological and morphological abnormalities.

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