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  • Development of methods for the regulation of metabolism in the body of the bird.
  • Development of detection and prevention of new ways mycotoxicoses birds.

Research in Physiology or feeding birds


Gaviliya Elena Vasilievna, researcher
chief specialist

Accredited Kharkiv State Center for Standardization, Metrology and Certification of

Research areas

  • Study of features of metabolic processes in the body of the bird under different conditions depending on feeding or action of stress factors;
  • Establishing criteria for assessing the physiological status of the organism and identify critical links metabolism and ultimately - directed effect on metabolic processes and productivity of poultry.
  • Development of standards and modes of feeding birds of different species, methods of increasing feed conversion, the use of unconventional feeds and others.



Tel.: +38(057)477-80-58

The laboratory staff maintain extensive contacts with poultry farms most regions of Ukraine and neighboring regions of Russia, analyzes of feed and biological material (eggs, blood, liver, bone), provided advice on feeding rations correction to the specific conditions and feed , evaluation of the physiological state of the birds, concluded to adopt the necessary measures.

laboratory Services:

  • determining optimal levels of efficiency and the use of feeding poultry feed alternative and local.
  • development of technologies of preparation and use of extruded feed mixtures in feeding poultry;
  • testing and comparative evaluation of the use of feed additives, enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, Acidifiers, herbal stimulants, anti-stress, trace elements, etc;
  • selection of feed additives allowing for the specific diets;
  • evaluation of new sources of carotenoids, minerals, new forms of amino acids, vitamins, etc.

The results of scientific activity staff published numerous scientific articles in books and journals: Poultry, effective food and nutrition, veterinary medicine of Ukraine, the Scientific and Technical Bulletin of the Institute of Animal Biology and GNIKI Veterinary medicines and feed additives, collections of various scientific conferences.

Research in mikotoksykolohiyi

Valentina Trufanova

Leading Specialist
Trufanova Valentina Alexandrovna,
candidate of biological sciences


Main research:

  • Toxicological studies of feed and feed additives.
  • Development of Quantitative detection of mycotoxins and antibiotics in feed.
  • Diagnosis mycotoxicoses farm animals.
  • Treatment and prevention mycotoxicoses.
Tel.: +38(099)710-86-90, +38(057)477-80-58

The laboratory is a leader in mikotoksykolohiyi in Ukraine. Research interests of the laboratory concerns toxigenic fungi and mycotoxins as the main contaminants of grain and grain products. Develop ways and means of diagnosis and prevention mycotoxicoses animals.

Major achievements

  • Collection of producers of mycotoxins - fungi Aspergillus flavus, A. ochraceus, A. fumigatus, Fusarium sporotrichioides, F. poae, F. graminearum, Stachybotrys alternans.
  • The resulting high-strain-producer T-2 toxin, zearalenone, dezoksynivalenolu, aurofuzaryn, fumonisin and developed ways to get these mycotoxins and their metabolites? HT-2 toxin, T-2 Triol, T-2 tetraola, zearalenol alpha, beta zearalenol, zeranol).

  • The method of determination of T-2 toxin and HT-2 toxin in grain and animal feed, which has a high sensitivity, specificity, availability and no analogues in the world.
  • Described previously unknown in the world of veterinary practice mycotoxicoses birds - necrotic stomatitis turkeys and geese syndrome deterioration in the quality of eggs in chickens syndrome, giant testicles of roosters. Etiological factors found named mycotoxicoses and the methods of diagnosis and prevention.
  • Justified maximum level of zearalenone in feed for chickens - 80 mcg / kg, which was approved by 02.04.2001, the Chief Inspector of Veterinary Medicine of Ukraine.
  • Developed informative and accurate way to assess the activity of sorbents for mycotoxins.
  • Found to cereal seeds and legumes, and root crops transformed T-2 toxin to less toxic metabolites.
  • In laboratory and industrial conditions studied at mycotoxicoses efficacy of sorbents and probiotics.
  • The original highly effective way to prevent T-2 toxicity poultry based on the use of sodium hypochlorite. Application of this method within 8-12 months in poultry farms led to increased conservation of birds by 5-8% and productivity by 8-10%.

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