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Viktor HvostikHvostik Viktor Pavlovich
Doctor of Agricultural Sciences

Research areas:

  • Development of new effective methods and techniques in breeding poultry (chickens, geese, turkeys)
  • Development of information technology for driving and managing the selection process in poultry.
  • Breeding of egg, meat and ya'yechnyh chickens, turkeys and waterfowl (ducks, geese)

Tel.:+38 (05747) 78-002 E-mail: lab29@ramblе

Laboratory staff involved in the development, methodological approaches and programs to create and improve lines, crosses and breeds of poultry; mathematical methods and information technologies for modeling of selection processes and monitoring their progress; prospective development programs for national, regional and business levels; regulations and guidelines for implementation of the Law of Ukraine "On of livestock breeding." Participate in development of investment projects to create poultry farms for breeding and production of marketable products. Work consisting inspections, commissions and working groups, national and regional levels. In the state commissions carry out certification entities breeding poultry for assigning them appropriate status, provide advice specialists of poultry farms for breeding poultry. Provides training and certification of experts breeding farms.


  • Development of efficient breeding methods and techniques to improve and consolidate geese breed of gray and white large new population and preserve the gene pool herds of white rocks Rhine. Research conducted at the poultry breeding enterprise "Razdolnoe" (Kharkov region, Zmiev district).
  • The program adaptive-productive breeding meat-egg hens.
  • Indykivnytstva Development Program in Ukraine. Recommended for tribal leaders and industry, poultry industry professionals.
  • Universal computer system for processing and analyzing the poultry breeding information „WASIP-2005", developed using advanced mathematical methods. Implemented in breeding plants for a comprehensive assessment of breeding poultry flocks in many ways (statistical data analysis, genetic evaluation birds (using the method BLUP), genealogical analysis of populations, inbreeding and kinship analysis poultry); screening and selection of the best birds in different ways; forecasting and evaluation of breeding.

All developments



  • The population of laying hens "Borki colorful" (breeding recommendations).
  • Poltava clay chickens "(breeding recommendations).
  • Breeding, cultivation and maintenance of Borki meat-egg hens "(guidelines).
  • New directions using mathematical methods for evaluation and selection of breeding birds in practice "(guidelines).
  • „Recommendations for breeding work with poultry in different types of breeding farms ".

Selection achievements

  • Species Poltava clay egg-meat direction of productivity - approved a new selection achievement by the Order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine №781 / 111 from 06.11.2007 year.
  • Aligns factory lines 5 and 6 turkeys cross "Kharkiv" - approved a new selection achievement by the Order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine №780 / 110 from 06.11.2007 year.

Poultry | Borki | Ukrainian poultry Hens different directions productivity - egg (Borki colorful), egg-meat (Poltava clay, red Rhode Island), meat and egg (white rolled oats, oatmeal color). Also, turkeys baselines cross Kharkiv.


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