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National Academy of agrarian sciences of Ukraine



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Areas of research:

  • The development of new methods and ways of improving existing and developing new high-performance lines, crosses and populations of poultry.
  • Develop methods for conservation and sustainable use poultry gene pool.
  • Improved methods of incubation eggs of hens, turkeys, geese and ducks.
  • The development of a full feeding, feed quality control, prevention and treatment of bird mycotoxicoses.
  • The development of resource-saving and environmental technologies for the production of eggs and poultry.
  • The development of diagnostic, treatment and prevention of poultry biologics for the creation of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Development of standards, technical conditions for poultry products and processes.
  • The development of innovative and investment projects, business plans for the organization of poultry companies, preparation of analytical market poultry.


State Poultry Research Station NAAS, poultry research Institute

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